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What Happened To:
Roger Main
I joined the AAJLR in 1963 and was declared the best recruit for which I received a prize. A photo of which is already posted on this web site.
On leaving Tonfanau I was posted to 95 Commando RA in Plymouth, completed the Commando course in Lymstone where I was awarded my green beret. I served in Borneo during the confrontation and then back to Plymouth.
Having married I left the Army to pursue a retail career in Plymouth. I then joined a major Department Store Group rising to a senior position which required me to work in various locations around the country.
I am now retired and living in Surrey where I enjoying sailing, fly fishing, holidays, etc. and my grandchildren.
I believe the AAJLR was a great experience which gave me standards and personal discipline through my life to so far.
I enjoy looking at the web site from time to time as it bring backs many memories one of which I shall share with you.
Part of our training was learning to drive in a one ton trucks with an instructor called Mr. Rees (good Welsh name). Those were the days when you had to double declutch to change gear.
We would take it in turn to drive and when not at the wheel would sit in the back in our great coats eating from our brown bag of rations.
Mr. Rees was a large man with a short fuse, he used a ruler to tap you if you did something wrong, which in my case often.
We were often out all day and would drive to Aberystwyth, I can’t remember who was driving, but you had to ask Mr. Rees for direction. We were approaching a roundabout in the centre of the town and the driver asked Mr. Rees where to go next? He said “straight across”, so the driver took him at his word and drove the truck straight over the roundabout. We in the back were bounced all over the place; however the roundabout came off worse as it looked like a ploughed field.
Mr. Rees was not pleased; in fact he broke his ruler during the four letter outrage that followed.

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