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My wife says this is extremely foolish and juvenile.
So why should I change the habits of a lifetime.
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Ken Hart
I joined the AAJLR in September 1959 and left in December 1960 - the longest ten years of my life.
After 'R' Company I served in Alamein Platoon (or Troop as it was then).
I was in the Royal Signals and when I left Tonfanau I had reached the dizzy heights of Junior Signalman. Given my military prowess I think I was lucky to achieve that!
I got my ACE2 in 'R' Company and had my ACE1 in six subjects at the end of my second term.
My athletic achievements were nil! I shall most probably be remembered as the one on the Cader 'walks' who was just in front of the guy with the broken leg and crutches. And sometimes I even found that difficult.
Having done my time and reaching T2 Corporal I got out as soon as I could. It wasn't helped by the fact that I spent almost all of my time attached to 19 R.A.
In civvy street I joined DER as a television repairman but this was 6 days a week and the pay was rubbish.
I then got a job as an auditor with the Prudential Assurance Company Limited for whom I work for 30 years.
In that time I was married, had two children and divorced.
Around the time the Pru were downsizing I met my second wife who is Canadian.
So having taken an early pension I packed my bags and headed for Edmonton, Canada - which for a man who hates the cold is a very strange place to be!!!
I then worked as National Control Centre Trainer for the largest Canadian security company for a few years before retiring once more.
So there you have it... not very exciting but it has paid for me to travel round the world. I have a lovely wife and comfortable home so I don't suppose I can complain... although the wife may say I often do!
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