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The Comrades Association


(Comrades Association)

President: Lt. Col. (QM) (Retd.) Larry Smith MBE    
Vice President: Maj. (Retd.) Mike Owsley MBE Hon. Secretary: Mr. Jim Sherville
Chairman: Mr. Colin Gunning Address: Honorary Secretary
AAJLR Association
29 Meadow Lane
NG23 6SU
Vice Chairman: Mr. Richard Abraham Tel: Home - 01636 822249
Webmaster: Mr. Ken Hart Email: jamessherville238@gmail.com
Email: webmaster@aajlr.org Hon. Treasurer: Mr. Richard Abraham
    Email: richard@peelhouselg.co.uk
The annual recommended membership subscription is £10 which should be sent to the Treasurer
Mr. Richard Abraham
Honorary Treasurer
AAJLR Association
Peel House
Church Road
Little Gaddesden
Cheques should be made payable to "AAJLR Comrades Association"
As an organisation we do not (by choice) have a written constitution which would define the route for complaints or suggestions; however over the past months it would seem a need for a proper means of making complaints etc has arisen, therefore your Committee has taken the opportunity to outline on our website the route members should take in the future.
Complaints or suggestions should be raised in the first instance with the Honorary Secretary, by letter or e-mail. It will then be discussed with the Committee, and a response will then be sent to you. In the absence of the Secretary your subject will be taken up by the Treasurer.
This is a simple way in which you can have your say without the subject matter filling up the forum, or involving the Webmaster as this is not his remit. In reality we are an informal and friendly association of like minded people with a common history - Tonfanau and the AAJLR. We are not as disciplined as the Jedi Knights nor do we wish to be - unless of course the members require such?
Jim Sherville (Secretary)

The following can be purchased from the association:

The AAJLR Shield
 About The AAJLR Shield 
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 About The AAJLR Tie 
The AAJLR Lapel Badge
 About The AAJLR Pin 

Subs are recommended at £10 per year but are not compulsory.
Most of the cash raised is sent to our chosen charity.
You do NOT need to be a paying member to attend the reunion or to join the AAJLR Forum.

The application for membership form is available in two versions; One is a cut and paste web page and the other a doc file.

 Goto Cut And Paste Page - Click Here. 
 To Download The Doc File - Click Here. 

If you have any questions then please email me:

 Email the Webmaster