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Kenneth J. Elborn
I recently did a caravan tour of Wales and deliberately drove to Tonfanau railway station where I stood in 1963 with a one way ticket!!! (Think it was ‘63 and not ‘64).
Just prior to the gate, I saw the curved brick wall where we learnt the destruction a sub machine gun could do.
On arrival I was amazed at what I saw – or really what I didn’t see – most now trees and pastures – slightly better for it!!
I felt the foremost building was the old guard room and cells – now there is a story?
My wife noticed in amongst the grass a boulder with a plaque about the web site and hey presto – here I am. J/Gnr. 23880256 – funny how you remember that cursed number?
My name does not appear in the database, most probably because it was suggested I leave due to probably not being quite strong enough albeit I passed every test and exam within the first 6 months. [This has now been corrected.]
However, when I placed my name in the search bar I read – “End of term shoots have been cornered by Gunners! Winners during the last year were J/Gnrs. Elborn, Honey and Makin”. This in reference to the archery I did for my DofE.
I was in Imphal Platoon with, if I recall, Kavanagh being the boss????
The precise dates of my existence there not sure but I do have in my hand my silver DofE certificate dated 15 May 1963 yet, strangely, my bronze is dated 17 July 1963????????? Hence it would seem I was there from ‘62 <> ‘63 but I do recall ending up under canvas in that dire winter! Yep just a mere –26 degrees.
I did end up in uniform however – my main life was that of a copper. Now long retired and enjoying the remaining years.

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