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What Happened To:
Alan Richard Duval
Alan Richard Duval (known as Richard or Dick) joined AAJLR in Sept of 1964 as a junior gunner in recruit company under Lt. De-Bretton Gordon with Sgt. Tull as my drill Sergeant.
When I passed out I joined `D` Company, Minden Platoon. My CSM was Mr. Lawrence and Platoon Sgt. Middleton.
I decided after the Regiments very comprehensive first aid course to change Corps to the RAMC.
Years later after poping up in RMA Sandhurst and the Far East and Germany I settled down with my wife and daughter in Dartford, Kent.
I've just retired from the Operating Department of Dartford and Gravesham NHS trust after 32 years, ending up as a Principal Operating Practitioner.

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