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What Happened To:
Barry Wilbor
I arrived at the AAJLR one November night in 1961 to become part of Sgt. Tulls Platoon in 'R' Company. What made it worse was his sister was married to a guy called Wilbor from the same town as me (I didn't know him) but Tulls hated him so I got the stick. I hear that Tully is now in a nursing home near Catterick.
I served in Dettingen Platoon, 'D' Company and had Jackson as a young second lefty in those days.
I have been back to the camp a couple of times but there is very little left, still it's nice to remember the good times.
I left to go into man's service, to Germany 257 Sig Sqn, 216 Para, and New Zealand SAS. In 1971 I was back with 2 Para, then the funny farm in Hereford in '73, to C (Rhodesian) Squadron and in '76 Angola (Rhodesian SAS).
I am now living a quieter life wallowing on an oil rig in the North Sea.

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