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What Happened To:
Michael Bradley
I arrived at Tonfanau on or around the middle of October 1964 a 15 year old boy from Belfast who quickly became 24025357 Junior Private Bradley of number 3 platoon 'R' Company.
After 'R' Company I served in Dettigen Platoon 'D' Company.
Just 13 months later on the 9th. of November 1965, I was discharged on compassionate grounds to look after my widowed mother who was dying from cancer. She eventually passed away 6 months after I got home.
I got married and had 3 children, 2 girls and 1 boy.
Then as most of the modern world knows the so called troubles started in Northern Ireland which have lasted 30 odd years and despite what we are told are still ongoing.
My wife and I had political differences which we could not agree on so we divorced.
I went on to be a roofer until I had a stroke in 1990.
Somewhere in between I remarried, had another 4 other (3 girls and another boy). They are now all grown up and left home (hooray) and I now also have 10 grandchildren.
Sometimes I wish I was back in Tonfanau in 1964. Hard times but good old days. Fondly remembered are my old drill Sergeant from 'R' Company Sgt. Charlie Payne (RCT) and Sgt. Daniels (RMP).

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