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What Happened To:
Ron Green
I joined up in June 1965 and reported to Tonfanau after the school holidays. After I passed out I was sent to the JTR at Kinmel Park, Rhyl.
In 'R' Company our hut was at the top of a path from the cookhouse on the top road, the other platoon was to our left, near the MRI Wing and the third platoon was across the road to our right and had the CSM office?
My mum had been ill for some time and when the postings were arranged my mates were going to Chichester, then Germany for six months and on to Ireland. As I had tried hard at Touch Typing I was being sent to Chester Tech College to advance my typing and then to the Provo Marshall HQ Germany to do charge and paperwork!!!
So I bought myself out.
I had a horrendous head injury at 20 and forgot all my life before 1970... Except my girlfriend, army number and retained fireman number.
Slowly during 35 years little bits have come back. I'm 61 now and knackered with Deep Vein Thrombosis.
Other than the fire service, my army days were very hard but the greatest.
Regards Ron Green
J /Private 24068691 RMP
Platoon & Company forgotten!!

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