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Geoffrey H. Ainsworth (PS)
I am Sgt. Geoffrey H. Ainsworth. I was on the Adventure Training Wing at Tonfanau from 1961 to 1966. I was on duty over the Christmas of 1965, and I finished my 22 years of army service early 1966. My family and I lived in Sandilands Roads, Towyn, opposite Morfa Camp.
I and my family and my next door neighbor S/Sgt. Pete Ward and his family went to Western Australia arriving there February 1966. We were joined later by Sgt. Don Moys (Intelligence) who we sponsored. Unfortunately, Peter Ward, his wife, Don Moys and his wife have all have since died. I think there may be a mistake in Don's spelling of his surname could be Moyes.
We were on holiday last year, and spent a few days in Tonfanau, still are remembered by the townsfolk. Our sons remember going to church services. They were very uptight about having to learn Welsh in school but really having spent most of there school days there, have good memories of blackberry picking, and Stuart our son was with us last year, and we went down to the camp and picked blacberries and ate them in the car.
On June 12th 1965, I was awarded a bravery award for rescuing two junior leaders who were being taught Mountain Rescue. I was on my own at the top of the mountain and the two boys were being lowered when the apparatus broke and I had to manually slowly let them descend using my hands as the apparatus. Consequently, I had a lot of damage to both hands which took several weeks to heal. I was awarded the document on stage at the next end of term. I have since heard that there was a photo taken of me receiving the award, and my wife has tried to find out where she could get the photo. I can't remember the names of the two lads in the incident, but would like to find out if they remember it. Somehow, I don't think they would forget it.

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