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What Happened To:
Trevor J. Thomas
I was 24060261 J/Pte T.J. Thomas, badged to the 1st. Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment. I did not get to go to the Anglians because my elder Brother claimed me into the Royal Armoured Corps and I served with the 4th. Royal Tank Regiment.
I was at that time at the AAJLR and should have been sent to Bovington on my transfer to the 4th. The Commanding Officer asked me if I would like to stay on at the AAJLR and as I had some really good friends there, that it what I elected to do. I can remember Des Leach (Leech) and Voss, we always hung around together.
I attained the rank of Staff Sergeant in the 4th. having also served at ERE with 11 Armoured Brigade HQ and Signal Squadron in the NBC Section at Kingsley Barracks, Minden.
I came out of the Army in 1984 and am now working for Bernard Matthews. I was at one time his Chauffeur and am now just about to celebrate my 60th. Birthday.

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