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What Happened To:
Chris Wilkinson
I joined the Army in the Royal Corps of Signals as a boy soldier on 16th April 1970. Shortly after a selection course at the Army Apprentices College in Harrogate I was sent to the Junior Tradesmens Regiment (Rhyl) at Kinmel Park Camp.
After the basic training in Cambrian Company I joined Imphal Platoon in A Company to train as a Radio Operator.
I was a member of the winning team of the AAJLR race in 1971 before going into the Regular Army at Catterick Camp at the age of 17 1/2 years.
I have since lost the little silver medal we all received but thankfully it wasn't the last trophy I ever won.
I left the Army as a Sergeant on Xmas Day 1993 after a long service in Germany, Falkland Islands and Gulf War.
If there are any other blokes out there that served at Kinmel Park Camp from April 1970 until July 1971 please get in touch. Some of the blokes I remember from that time were;
Lt Jones RAEC
SSgt Rose RMP
Sgt Haddock R Irish Rangers
Sgt Choke RCT
J/Dvr Zephryn Renee
J/Drum Major Spike Masters
J/Engr Paul Buckle

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