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What Happened To:
Terry Doyle
I joined AAJLR in the first intake on 6th May 1959 and served in Waterloo Platoon 'D' Company. Apart from the dreaded Lt MacLagan, I had a decent time at Tonfanau and left there in 61 to join the 2nd Battalion East Anglian Regiment. I had always wanted to be a PTI so soon after joining the Regiment and deliberately showing my incompetence at soldiering was sent to Aldershot to learn the ropes!!
I then spent the rest of my miltary career either in the gym or teaching Adventure Training. After leaving the Army in 71 as a corporal I worked as a Postal Officer in the the Post Office before joining the MOD in 73 as a Civilian Instructor. Worked at the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion Shorncliffe for 19 years when the unit was disbanded and then managed the Garrison Swimming Pool at Dreghorn Barracks Edinburgh until retirement in 2004.
I met my teacher wife Sheila in 65, married in 66 and produced one son, Simon who, after a 2:1 at Oxford joined the Royal Engineers and is currently a Major (bomb disposal) in Afghanistan. If he stays in the services he is destined for very high rank unlike yours truly.
I spend all my spare time planning to complete the 284 Munros (Mountains in Scotland over 3000 feet) and 128 McDonalds (over 2000 feet) with only 33 and 16 respectively left to do.
Life is truly beautiful in retirement and I recommend it to everyone.

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