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What Happened To:
Robin McSkimming (PS)
I arrived at Tonfanau with Rod Cartner, Ken Foster and Brian Jackson freshly minted from the Army School of Education and Depot at Wilton Park, Beaconsfield in October 1959. We all served until honourably discharged (I hope) in October 1961.
I've since lost touch with them all. Brian Jackson was a Brummie, Rod came from Lancaster and Ken came somewhere in the North-East (of England). My fellow Scot Jim Elgin was, like me, a Glasgow man and had been at Tonfanau from the very beginning and recalled the very first intake of boys arriving, many fearful and disorientated. Officers would take the boys out for runs in their cars simply for something to do - there were no clubs or activities in the first few months. I'm not sure when the NAAFI opened up, but it would have introduced some normality (not to mention some females) into what was often a pretty bleak location - remember the horizontal rain?
After National Service I joined the Scottish Education Department in Edinburgh before returning to teaching in Secondary Schools in Glasgow. I took voluntary redundancy in 1989 after my school was closed as the result of a falling roll. Thereafter I entered local politics on a full-time basis and got elected to my local District Council, then Strathclyde Regional Council and finally to the newly created unitary council of East Dunbartonshire.
I retired as Provost (Mayor to you lot dahn saff) in 2003.

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