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What Happened To:
Lee Tilson
I spent most of my time in C Coy, Commanded by Major (later Brig) Graham Jackson and SSM (later Capt and now deceased) Cyril Evis, and was in Rangoon Platoon, until my last term when, having reached the dizzy heights of J/Sgt, I took over Normandy Platoon.
After graduating I trained as a Line Tech and was posted to Cyprus from where I successfully applied for a Commission and, in 1964 took over my first troop as a 2lt - commanding a troop of Junior Leaders at Denbury!
I have bumped into several ex-Tonfanau boys over the years, notably Gus Boag, Bill Lidster, and Mick Longstaff - who was my SQMS when I commanded a squadron in 3 Div Sig Regt. I have also been in contact with Pete Wooldridge via Friends Reunited. I ended up as Lt Col and retired in 1996 - my last job being OC of The Royal Signals White Helmets! I worked on for 3 years in a retired officer post as Garrison Staff Officer at Blandford and then decided that early retirement was a better option - which it is, but it keeps me very busy!

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