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Tonfanau Camp & Area
Tonfanau Sunday School

Photograph from Elisabeth Bauer nee Bott

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The Early 1960s

The Sunday School always took place just before the sermon started. Up to then we sat with our parents, then during the hymn before the sermon all the children got up and went out of the church to one of the Nissan huts.

Padre Horace McClelland was there at the time. He went then to London and subsequently left and got married and moved to Canada where he died in 2011.

Elisabeth is in the 3rd row, 3rd girl from the left, with the glasses, left of her (looking at the photo) is my twin sister, Evelyn Rees, nee Bott. Her brother, Derek , is in the 4th row. Second boy from the right.

Derek seems to recall that the boy next to him, I presume, looking at the photo, on his right, and the girl to my right were family Hinton. But he is not 100% sure. Stuart Ainsworth is, I think, in the 4th row, behind my sister and I.

Unfortunately she doe's not recall the names of the Sunday School teachers.


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