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Rhyl Cup Photographs

Photographs from Charles Abbott

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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_154 >>> Llanegryn Medical Centre.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_155 >>> Llanegryn Medical Centre.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_156 >>> Llanegryn Medical Centre.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_157 >>> Bird Rock.
I was originally confused by the first three photos because of the letter which Charles sent with them. His comments are below. This was the year of 'The Falklands War' so could it have been prepared to receive expected casualties?
I have since been contacted by Merfyn Jones who has sent photos to show this is the MRS at Gibraltar Camp, Llanegryn - Webmaster.

These pictures of The Tonfanau Medical Centre are from my North Wales Holidays dated 1982.
My information is second hand from my wife who is currently in hospital. Thirty years before my wife, then June Collier, worked there as an Army Nurse, so she was surprised in 1982 to see the buildings appeared well cared for, clean windows, a mop by the door and the grassed area well tended.
The Caretaker then appeared and they instantly recognised each other, he being a German ex-POW who was the caretaker in 1953 and still retained on the site. He said he was not at liberty to allow us on the premises or say what its purpose was.
During National Service days the Centre was staffed by an Army Doctor, several male orderlies and two QUARANC nurses. It was the Primary Care Centre for the nearby Military Training Camp at Tonfanau which my wife guesses was about five miles away.
The Doctor visited the main camp where he held surgeries and patients requiring hospitalisation were brought to this Centre. Serious cases were taken by ambulance direct to Chester Military Hospital where my wife had also been stationed.
The centre was still operating when she left in early in 1954.
I saw no signs to suggest that any other Army buildings had been located within the vicinity of the Medical Unit. In fact I can't recall any other signs of habitation of any kind.
She recollects arriving at the Tonfanau single track railway station and being picked up by the Medical Centre ambulance which went inland about five miles to the Medical Centre.
She only visited the main army camp once with the other nurse in the company of the Centre Sergeant as escort for a Dance Night.
My wife is interested to know if these buildings are still in existence.

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