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Rhyl Cup Photographs
October, 2008

Photographs from Michael Thomas

(Click on any photo to see enlarged version.)

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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_135 >>> Bottom Gate.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_136 >>> Guardroom.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_137 >>> Drill Sheds.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_138 >>> Railway Station.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_139 >>> Bailey Bridge.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_140 >>> 25 Yard Range.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_141 >>> Snowdon.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_142 >>> Visitors Centre.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_143 >>> Finishing Off.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_144 >>> View From The Top.
I had a holiday in North Wales last week (October 2008), and as I was a stone's throw away, thought I'd take a look at the old place. It's not the first time that I'd been back since graduating in December 65, I think I have been back about a dozen times, can't think why, it must have some magnetic attraction. As you know, nothing much left now, only 3 buildings still stand, the guardroom, and the two gun sheds that were located at the rear of it. Shot of the station platform, complete with new TONFANAU sign, strange, went there in the early 90's and I am sure the sign was relatively new then, but this latest is even newer. Don't suppose someone's taking them home as mementos do you. Newest item on the plot is a large wind generator to power the station lighting I think, would have saved pounds if we had had them back in the 60's. Someones renovating the large old farmhouse that had been derelict for 20 odd years on the gun emplacement side of the rail track. I remember the regimental hounds being housed in the pig sty's of that place. Think they were actually beagles, as the hunt used to pursue on foot. Also enclosed is a photo of the old Bailey bridge, or should I say site of. Those sergeants were right when they told us if we didn't break step going over it it would collapse. Don't know when it came down, but hasn't been there for the last 17 years to my knowledge. Plenty of sheep in camp now as everybody that takes a picture can testify. Also took the opportunity to walk up Snowdon, yes walk. It crippled me for 2 days afterwards, but well worth it. The photo's are of the new pill box they have built up there at a cost I hear of £8.5 million. Took them 2 years to build this new cafe, finished it on Thursday the 9th. October, the day we walked up there. It will not open officially until the spring of next year. Well sod me, just noticed a "where are they now", from a guy named Trevor Thomas, works for Bernhard Matthews he says, I just spent 6 years working there myself, never even knew he was there. Small world or what? Looking at his army number he could have been there at the same time as me, but I don't remember him, must try and contact him for a chin wag. Take care for now,
'Chunky' Thomas.

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