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Rhyl Cup Photographs

Photographs from Gerard ?????

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Nearly every Junior Soldier who arrived at Tonfanau came on a double Steam Train pulling up to 8 coaches, to be met by a small party of Permanent Staff who would guide them through the unknown days ahead. I arrived once more on the 8th. October 2002, nearly 40 years after the first time and the photo story starts here.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_054 >>> The train arrives - no steam this time.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_055 >>> And the platform has been changed.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_056 >>> A small waiting area and electric lights.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_057 >>> And a slightly older recruit.
The walk from the station brought back the memories of all those years ago when young men at around 15½ years old came this way to venture into a life they knew nothing about. The only thing they had in common was their spirit of adventure, or desperation, and they had chosen the army as a career. The weeks ahead would see if they could fulfil their dreams.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_060 >>> Today the Main Gate is a padlocked farm gate which you may freely enter.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_059 >>> Where are the highly painted kerbsides and the clean crisp painted exterior at the Guard room.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_058 >>> And the Drill sheds which sheltered us from the bad weather. (But only in the most severe of conditions!)
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_061 >>> The Back Gate.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_062 >>> The Gate To The Road.
All who did THE drill parade will know this gate. It is the one we marched through to join the parade. When I did it all those years ago it felt like miles but now it looks so small. The gate we marched through to get on to the square is no longer there as it has been fenced off.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_063 >>> I think the young wood on the right is where the cinema was.
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<<< Quote Ref: tonp_064 >>> The Camp.
Looking down towards the Main Gate from just above the top junction of the camp. 'R' Company would have been to the right and behind, to the left was the top road.

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