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Sandbag Reminiscences of Dave Moore Sandbag
A Trip On An Ice Cream Cart
In the first year at Tonfanau I did not venture out much at the weekends. When I was in my last year and seventeen like most teenaged boys, there was always the desire to test new ground. It was on a Sunday afternoon, church and dinner finished along with a few of the Dettengen lads we walked to Towyn. Meeting some lads from other companies we strolled along the promenade which was deserted. Not a girl, shop or anything open. Then a cry goes up ‘look what we have found’. It was a three wheeled ice cream cart. The ice cream container at the front with two wheels attached to an axle. Behind was the handle bars, seat, chain, with pedals driving the rear wheel. Five or six of us climbed aboard I think it was Bob Veck in the driving seat. I perched on the ice cream container with my legs dangling at the front. The rest of the lads clinging on to places at the sides. Off we went charging back and forward along the prom. At some point a cry went up that someone was coming. The clinger-ons dived off and Bob and I continued down the prom, Bob bailed off leaving me stuck on the front. When the machine had slowed enough I made my escape. My little short hairy legs were going ten to the dozen even before they hit the ground. Like a steeple chaser I was off, cleared the railings at the end of the prom and did not stop until two fields and hedges away. A slow walk back to camp arriving in time for tea.
Still No Bird’s Though
Towards the summer of 1963 we started to catch the train to Barmouth when we could have time out of camp. Barmouth tended to be the place all the lads got to, so we started to go to Dolgellau. After looking around to chat up the local girls who did not show much interest we looked for something else and found the Cross keys pub. Two of us ventured in and ordered half pints, expecting to be thrown out. The beer was served and we sat and chatted and had another half. On another excursion to Dolgellau we enjoyed another drink in the Cross Keys, and it was on returning to camp this time we encountered L/Cpl Fagg (story in the guardroom section).
See, I Did Learn Something
As the lads will know you had to get your civilian clothes vetted by the troop officer. Dettengen officer was Lt D.T. Jackson, his signature I could forge and did so for myself and my closest friends. I can still do this forged signature today not that I need it.
The Cross Keys

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