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Sandbag Reminiscences of Ken Hart Sandbag
It’s A Funny Old World (3).
I had a natural ability in the boxing ring! So after the early trials I was recruited into the Company Boxing team. I practiced with the best, not with any enthusiasm but with the best, and ate the extra rations we were given with gusto. Come the night of my first real bout and a flaw suddenly raised its head. Not only was I lethargic but I didn’t have the killer instinct. We started by touching gloves in a friendly and leisurely way and I strolled back to my corner. The bell rang and I casually turned to prepare to fight! My opponent, who did have the killer instinct, flew across the ring and, rather unsportsmanlike, hit me! I fell to the floor and was counted out. I think I must have the record for the fastest knockout ever in the AAJLR’s history. Strangely that was the end of my boxing career and the next day I was back to fighting for a scrap of jam at supper time. It’s a funny old world in it!

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