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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Terry Doyle Sandbag
No Ready, Aim, Just Fire
I was somewhat surprised to be a good enough shot to get into the full bore rifle team. In full time training to prepare for the upcoming Western Command champs we were under the management of Captain Shepherd R.A. who I believe at the time was the Quartermaster. (He had previously won some big event at Bisley so was the obvious choice as coach.)
One day whilst in training, we were on the Tonfanau ranges at the 200 yard firing point standing, ready for a 'snap' practice. Suddenly in front of us a rabbit ran onto the range at about the 100 yard firing point. Instantly, and spontaneously, all of us threw ourselves to the ground and opened fire on the poor bunny which flew at least 10 metres in the air.
Very quickly roars of "Cease Fire, Cease Fire" stopped us to be followed by a tirade of four, five and six letter words which promised us with jail, castration and even more unpleasant consequences if it should ever happen again. It didn't.

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