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Is That The Dawn Chorus
January 1963 I arrived at Towyn Railway Station to be met by a 3 Ton truck which transported me and a few others to Tonfanau Camp and a welcome by a Sergeant who’s name I don’t remember.
We were placed into a Barrack Room where we met others gathered around a glowing coke stove trying to get warm. As the day progressed we were taken to the cookhouse for breakfast and an introduction to army food and from there on in a window to a big new world opened. This was to be my life for the next two years before joining the Regular Army.
The discipline and teamwork knocked me into shape and I got to meet a lot of other different types of character from all walks of life. Sergeant Finley larger than life was to be our ‘R’ troop Sergeant and we all found out the following morning when he came around the barrack rooms singing at the top of his voice and rattling lockers with his Pace stick. Nobody was missed and we all had to stand to attention at your bedside where all could see what everybody else had when waking up at that time in the morning.
The rest of my time at the camp was a fabulous experience and I would recommend it to anybody Thanks to all concerned for the great start to my Adult Life.
I went on to serve in the Regulars for nine years.
I remember a few faces on the Alamein Troop Photo of 1964 - George, Mortimer, Pickering (who I met at Singapore Airport after a Borneo Tour), Taffy Davies and Chris Honey (from Cornwall), - good luck to all off you and have a nice life.

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