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A Dedicated Bunch
I've just read Jean Ainsworth's story about her husband, who I remember as Sgt Ainsworth. I believe he was a 'Cherry Picker' because his No. 2 dress hat and trousers were of a reddish colour?! Most of all though, I clearly recall the massive bandaging around his hands after he saved the lives of the two lads (I can't recall their names now, have they declared themselves?) as he continued to work as though nothing had happened.
The Adventure Training Staff at AAJLR were a truly exceptional group of very experienced soldiers, for whom I retain the greatest admiration as they set the best possible examples of how to behave in adverse conditions that have held good for me, at least, ever since. One other such character I well remember was Sgt Easlea (Royal Anglian), a first class rock climber and navigator who came to AAJLR after surviving being pierced in the chest by a spear when he got caught in a pig trap in the Far East (he never mentioned this to any of us - I only found out later) – anyone else remember him?

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