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I Want To Stay
I completed my basic and well remember how we spent our first Saturday night of freedom in the metropolis of Barmouth, visiting coffee bars (we were 15/16 yrs old) and looking, very unsuccessfully, for girls and other excitement.
I was part of the Royal Signals compliment; unfortunately, I cannot remember which Company or Platoon. However, the company commander was Lieutenant Wilkinson and as Joel (Joe) Burnett mentions in his reminiscence, the weapons instructor was Sergeant 'Ozzie' Osborne. We also had a Sergeant Munden, who was, I believe, Army Educational Corp.
Its a long time ago and unfortunately, I wasn't there long. I well remember, breaking down and crying bitter tears when the Camp Commandant broke the news to me that I was going to be discharged "due to ceasing to fulfill Army Medical requirements, under QR1955, para 503(XVI)". Joining the Army had been all I ever wanted to do, for as long as I could remember and coming from an extremely rural background in south Lincolnshire, I felt that I had found my 'niche' in life. Guys like Joe Burnett, Jeff Tidiman (both from London) and Chuck Townley (from California) were my heroes and I just wanted to be like them. - it wasn't to be...! Strange old life isn't it. Looking back........, although I have since made a reasonable success of my time, since those days, I can truly say that I have never felt so much a part of anything, as I did during my short time in the AAJLR.;
--- God Bless 'Em All ---!
Paul Rogers [was Paul (Bob) Richardson in those days]

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