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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Roy Rodger Sandbag
My Eyes Weren't Right
Some time in the winter of early January '63 I was one of a sorry gang of 'R' Company being marched to Lunch on a cold winters day.
Anyone remember a huge fat dining hall worker probably called Taff?
We were being marched down the main road by an Irish sergeant who I think was in the R.A. He saw an officer approaching and gave "Eyes Right" Unfortunately the guys at the head of the column (including me) were being passed by Taff and as the sergeant was a bit of a comic, we thought he was having a laugh. So we laughed.
Funny it was not! All involved were ordered to appear that night at 'R' Company lines, bollocked and given the choice of going on a charge or moving coal. Boy did we move coal. To there and back again until we were all black and tired.
A well remembered lesson.

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