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Just Another Mug
I have many fond memories of the first intake for Waterloo Platoon, D Company, A.A.J.L.R and must apologise for being the worst junior leader ever experienced. I have it on record from my Platoon Commander so it must be true!
However my comrades did all they reasonably could and eventually I graduated to become the worst recruit of the East Anglian Brigade at Bury St Edmunds. Some progress then!
Recalling some memories sparked off by the AAJLR Website regarding our tortous existance, reminds me of the record number of 'Mugs China One For The Use Of' that I had to replace at my own expense due to their destruction and the reasons for such wanton vandalisation!
1) Having tea in it! (surely not)
2) Not carried correctly in the left hand with the appropriate KFS! (unsoldierly)
3) Not clean! (potential bacteria and the dreaded fluff)
4) Unclean! (not pristine enough).
I must have paid the army more for mugs than any other soldier in history.
Best Wishes to you all.

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