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Sandbag Reminiscences of Jean Ainsworth Sandbag
Please Hold On
Thanks for your memories Paul Treen.
I also lived at Towyn with my husband Sgt. Geoff Ainsworth and sons Stuart and Melvyn. We lived in the army quarters Sandilands Road. We had come from Barnard Castle as my husband transferred for a short spell of Adventure Training Wing duties but ended up staying for five years until his discharge after completing 22 years service in the 15th./19th. The Kings Royal Hussars Regiment.
I was employed at Tonfanau in the M.R.S. nursing the Junior Leaders. I also did a spell of volunteering with Barbara Moyes wife of Sgt. Moyes in the NAFFI.
We left in February 1966 to emigrate to Western Australia, with Sgt. Peter Ward and family.
We went to England last year in November, and stayed at Towyn, visited the old camp, and like most of you were pretty shocked at the state of the place now.
We were always present at the passing out parades, and both my husband and myself, were very proud of the end result.
Some of you may remember when my husband got a safety award for saving two Junior Leaders when they were learning mountain rescue, and the apparatus failed while they were descending. He lowered them to safety which led to him having very severe rope burns to both hands.
Hope you all have more good memories.
Jean Ainsworth.

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