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Sandbag Reminiscences of Michael Thomas Sandbag
A Trip To Fantasy Island
Half term was a long week-end on Anglesey, at the Menai camp on a little Island in the Menai straight. I say island, you got to it over a causeway bridge, to be confronted by a junior leader on guard duty on the island end of the bridge.
It was a shared island ,half of it was fenced off and private, I remember the owners bred Irish wolf hounds the biggest dog I had ever seen, they would stand up on their hind legs and peer over the 6 foot chain link fence at you. I kid you not. To someone 5 ft 6 and seven eights (beret size) that was big.
Organised sport at Red Wharf Bay, a vast expanse of sand that we played football on, until the tide turned and then we played water polo. A trip down the road to wonder at Beaumaris castle, a mile inland whose walls originally had the sea ebbing up to them.
My first bottle of plonk bought from an off licence in the town of Menai just before the bridge, very sick and found shouting for huee on the causeway bridge.
One night of guard duty guarding the bridge while everyone else was taking in the delights of Bangor. When my turn came the cinema was shut.
First expedition into a Chinese restaurant velly nice fude. 13 of us piled in in BD's and ammo boots, oh that polished floor, everybody hanging on to each other so you didn't slip over. Everybody ordering their own and at the end asking for 13 bills.
If my memory serves me correctly there had been trouble with the locals the previous camp, resulting in us not being allowed to wear our webbed belts, handy weapon.
I remember travelling up there in army three tonners. Ours had an accident going up there. A Ford Anglia shot out of a side road into the path of the lorry. The lorry just clipped the back end, but it was enough to leave the Anglia spinning round in the middle of the road. Lorry driver braked and 22 junior bleeders ended up behind the cab in the back with all their kit on top of them. Everyone jumped out to put their first aid training into good use, applying shell shot dressings etc. The rear of the car had been compressed to a width of not more than 3 feet but out of the back climbed 2 women and a little girl, only injury was a cut wrist on the little girl thank god.
It's amazing how your brain remembers all these little things after 40 odd years, but the down side is not being able to remember what you had for tea last night, dementure works in mysterious ways. Stay cool everyone, um um oh yes,
'Chunky' Thomas.

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