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Sandbag Reminiscences of David Patrick Clarke Sandbag
Bad Boy Makes Good
Looking at the two and half years I spent at AAJLR, I always seemed to be in the crap (my own fault). I seemed to have been on a endless amount of RPs, FSMOs, show parades and of course in detention. I think my only contribution to the unit was when I refused to go to lunch one day when I was a SUS and told Fagg I was fed up with being sick after doubling back from the cookhouse. From that day on all SUSs marched at a normal rate back.
One really good thing did happen to me, I met my wife in Towyn when I was 16 (I manage to get out that time) and we are still together. We had 3 boys. I was a Junior Private from start to finish, however in the regulars things were quite different.
I was a Sergeant within 5 years, one of the youngest at that time in the Regiment. I completed a full career finishing as a Warrant Officer. I am the only D & D ever to be an instructor at Breacon, The Para Battle School. I left the Army 22 years ago and run my own company in driving.
One of the times I went AWOL with 2 guys we got as far as Shrewsbury and we nicked a car on the way, but I cannot remember there names? (Most probably they will be relieved about that!) I think I was in Minden then.

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