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Did Bullying Ever End?
Somewhere else someone tells about the terrible attitude of one Scots officer in the early days of the camp when boy service started, well I can assure you that this attitude of bullying still existed well into 1962. In 'R' Company in 1961 it was quite common to have the contents of your locker tossed out of the window on the Saturday morning inspection. In 1962 if you did not shine the Sergeants shoes, 'talking man' Sergeant (as we called them) - THEY FOUND SOME PETTY FAULT AND HAD YOU ON EXTRA DRILL. I was in Ypres troop and one night 7 of us went AWOL. A local cop picked us up and bought us a chocolate bar. As was usual this was kept very hush hush but the Sergeant was back dated in promotion for 2 years and moved on. I later met this man in Germany in 1967 when he was a Staff Sergeant in Krefeld (I Corps). I told him that I remembered him from Tonfanau. He walked out of the YMCA, where 16 Sigs had their cuppa, without saying a word.
The Sergeant in 'R' Company was Sergeant Tull who loved his soccer but alas if we lost we sure bore his wrath.
At one other point some time in 1962 we only had a basic food ration of 1500 calories per day, gee! we where always hungry but this did change, thank god.
Well many ex boys of my era may well relate to my tale. Many regards to all the ex-boys who somehow survived.

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