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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Kevin Terence Lowe Sandbag
Little Pleasures
I remember setting off from Plymouth in January 1963 and on arriving at Tonfanau station we were put in three tonners and whisked off to our billets where we had to write to our folks to say that we had arrived safely.
We spend the next twelve weeks in 4 Platoon 'R' Company as rookies bulling our boots and brasses under the watchful eyes of Capt. Stitt, Sgt. Tull and Sgt. Daniels.
On one occasion we had a room inspection by some major from a Scottish Regiment. Because I wasn't standing straight I was sent to the MTS to see the M.O. to see if I was deformed.
I remember Sgt. Finlay, you could hear his steel boots coming along the corridor singing to the top of his voice "Good old Sussex by the sea" at six in the morning.
After twelve weeks it was into the training companies. I went to 'B' Coy Gallipoli troop under Lt. French and Sgt. Silverside. We then settled into the company ways and had to join a hobby. I first joined the boxing club and to get in we had to go into the ring with a Sgt Brown. Now because of his size he would just get you in a corner and lean on you and shout ‘Hit me’, not that he could feel it. I also played for the regimental basketball team.
Then what about lining up for meals why were we always at the end of the queue.
I remember L/Cpl (Fagend) Fagg and Bdr. Tweed. Who needed other entertainment with Tweedie about? He would march his charges around but they would only go about five paces and he would shout ‘Mark time’ so he could catch up. When going on outward bound training the three tonner with all of us in the back would pull up outside the guardroom to book out. As we drove through the gates a few of us would shout at the top of our voices ‘Fag End’ and Fagg would run out of the guardroom to find out who was calling him names. By that time we would have disappeared into the distance laughing at his expense. I wonder if that is why when he inspected civvie suits at the guardroom he was such a barsteward!

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