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Sandbag Reminiscences of Michael Lewins Sandbag
Five Happy Years
Like so many ex-Tonfanau comrades I am also a bit daft in my 'middle years' - I think it was the Welsh air that turned my brain all those years ago and it has now 'come home to haunt me'.
I joined the staff at AAJLR on New Years Day, 1960 - or so the posting order said and being newly commissioned I turned up at the Guardroom on New Years Day! I should have known better. The only living person was a watchman who gave me a quick lesson in the Welsh language that finished with "goodbye, see you on the 5th". Thus started five very happy years on the Educational Staff with first Major "Chalkie" White as the boss and then Major "Stue" Playfoot. Ah! Happy days; building the odd GP 14 and sailing almost to Ireland to try them out.
I may well be remembered by most of you as the mad officer on the top of the hill in the Arts and Craft Department of AAJLR.
By the way, do any of you ex-boys remember 'the logs'?

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