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Sandbag Reminiscences of Carole Edwards (nee Lewis) Sandbag
Murphy's Law
I was quite upset when browsing around to suddenly arrive at your website!!
In the late 50's I lived in Aberdovey, and as a young girl of 15/16 was in the Choir at St Barbara's Church at Tonfanau. Jeremy Carrad and his wife Jean ran the Choir, and as they lived near me they asked me to join. I used to sing contralto, and sat next to Paddy Goss - your WRVS lady.
The reason I was upset was that back in March of this year my husband and I decided to move from our four bedroomed house to a two bedroomed flat. For over 40 years I had kept a programme from the 1959 passing out parade, and that would have answered a lot of your questions on the permanent staff at least. Of course, I started 'downsizing' in my office, and decided that the book would mean nothing to anyone but me, so I regretfully shredded it. - and then we didn't move after all........
I remember Keith Ecclestone, Godfrey Pickles (he married a very striking German girl), Jeff Cohen was, after his spell in the Army a Solicitor in Cardiff - he died tragically in a drowning accident in Majorca I think, some years ago. The Padre was called Horace McLellan - I've still got a newspaper cutting about him somewhere!!! I also have some old vinyl records of the choir that we had made at the time - sound is a bit weak!!
Jeremy Carrad lives in Bristol I believe - do you have contact with any of the old staff.
I'll see if I can remember anything else - if so I'll let you know.

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