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Sandbag Reminiscences of Eric Wood Sandbag
Everybody Yelled At Me
I was with the second intake in 59. After basic training (in the wooden barracks up the top of the hill towards the guardroom). We had to move out of our billet when the parents came for the passing out parade. You must have yelled at me a few times, I think everyone else did, especially on jankers. The instructors and permanent staff were a mixed bunch, weren't they!
I remember the WVS building; we had a dance there one weekend when a lorry load of girls came, five I think. Getting up in the morning to run over that bleedin' great hill behind the camp, breaking step over the bailey bridge whilst doubling to Towyn for swimming and canoeing, Barmouth on a Saturday night.
After training I went into Waterloo Platoon. I was in the model car racing club with Sgt Hoppy? Lt. R.J. Maclagan was Platoon Commander (Gordons). I forget the CSM's name but I remember him telling us he had gone into Belson after the war.
I left in July 60 to join Fox troop Royal Artillery in Kinmel Park at Rhyl.

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