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Sandbag Reminiscences of Rob Summers Sandbag
Asking For More Cakes
I arrived in January 1964 and was billeted in room 20, 2 Platoon 'R' Company. If I remember correctly the others in my room were; Paul Treen, John Woodward, Pecker Wood, Paul Wade, Gunner Thompson, Thomas, McKinley, John Moynihan and I think Oakley, But the old memory is fading fast. Recently my mother returned to me all the letters that I had to send home, every weekend. They don't say very much apart from asking for more cakes.
From 'R' Company I went to Imphal 'A' Company. I was in the Fencing club and worked in the Globe.
I remember the time when someone 'accidentally' tipped sheep-dip in the water supply and we had to have water shipped in by water tankers. The raid by 3 Platoon, which resulted in one of their number being discharged. The fire alarms in the middle of the night, the extra drills, Cpl. Fagg, the sheep on the firing range, the Nursery Rocks, Sgt. Finlay's locker inspections, getting lost on the D. of E. expedition, the Menai camp, Brains beer, aggro from the locals and the haunted isolation wing.
I remember that in the summer of 64 several Junior NCOs from 'A' Company were caught swimming in the sea by the provost Sergeant and were reduced to the ranks. I remember spending 3 days in the MRS after getting food poisoning; I had my rifle taken, as a lesson for not keeping my locker locked and had my bed pinched. Altogether I had a great time.
Does anyone know the grid reference of the ridge where the monument to a RAF rescuer who died is and where further down the slope the remains of a plane were?
I returned to Fairbourne several years later for a holiday and the guest house manager recognised me. Her name was Mrs. Griffiths and she worked in the Company office of 'R' Company. Small world!

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