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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Bill Ross (then Alex) Sandbag
Another Lost Soul
I arrived at Tonfanau, in the middle of 1961 along with all the other lost souls, looking for something more rewarding than a dead end job. 'R' Company was a bit of a shock to the system I must admit, and as long as it wasn't you getting balled out, not too awful. One of the first trips out we had, in those whining old Bedford QL's, was to Dolgoch Falls, where we were encouraged to leap into the pools, my lasting memory is of being 'frozen' by the rapid temperature change. Cadre Idris and Bird rock also got included in the schedule.
Waterloo platoon in 'D' Company is where I landed, the OC was Major Speller D&D, Captain Wilmott 6 RTR was our Troop Commander and S/Sgt Williams RMP and Sgt Brown RA our Regular S/NCO's. It was here I learnt how to use a bumper properly, the corridors being deadly if you were in a hurry to get somewhere.
I saw elsewhere that somebody else remembered Cpl Fagg, we concocted an address for him: Cpl Fagg, 20 Park Drive, Bristol. The so called adventure training on alternate days if I remember rightly was very taxing initially, but as we progressed the routes and distances seemed more easily managed. Taking the assault boats along the Dovey and having to carry them over the sandbanks, was a change from slogging over the local hillsides.

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