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Sandbag Reminiscences of Robert Malcolm Reeve Sandbag
Quite Proud
I think I was one of the first to inhabit the camp in April 1959. If I remember correctly the camp was not quite ready for us because we were billeted in the wooden huts at first then later we moved into brick buildings.
I remember arriving at the railway station and being bundled on to lorries and driven into the camp. Once there we where herded into a reception area and welcomed by the C.O. who congratulated us on completing the journey on our own. I felt quite proud. I was in Cambrai platoon but cannot remember the names of any of my comrades. A PTI Bombardier springs to mind but only because he gave me a rough time and probably everyone else.
The camp padre took an interest in me because I could handle a cricket bat. He would often invite me to the nets so I could practice. Looking up I could see the rest of the platoon running up and down the hills. It felt good although I took some stick because of it.

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