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Fags On Tic
Stormy Raines (ex junior RSM) is shown as RMP but I met him in 1967/68 when he was a L/Cpl R.Sigs in Hounslow. If I remember rightly he was recovering from shrapnel (grenade) picked up in Aden. We were both on the Investiture of the Prince of Wales in Caenarvon.
Sgt Faulkner ('R' Company Sergeant) was commissioned and was the MTO at the Field Hospital in Tidworth. Captain then, think he made Major.
BSM Oscathorpe RA (B Company) was busted down to Sgt or S/Sgt. That's why we got BSM Pratt (no relation) in his place.
I think it was Mr Parry or Perry who ran the YMCA where you could get fags and stuff on tic. Hence the big queue's on payday to pay off your tic bill.
There was a chap named Wilson (R.Sigs) in the Corps of Drums who used to tap out the pace for them when they marched to the front of the line up before going on passout parade.
Ron Wilmott J/Sgt (B Coy) (from Doncaster) used to play the bugle in the Corps of Drums (Somme Plt).
On reflection Kifty Crawford was RMP not RA (Ypres).
There was also a Larry Formosa (R.Sigs) (B Coy) who I was with in 4 Div Sig Regt in Hereford BAOR.
I didn't see any mention of the summer camps at the Menai bridge training camp on Anglesey. I remember we had break step to cross the Menai bridge. Big fight in the town square at Canaervon with the locals when 'B' Company was there in 63 or 64.
I also remember we had to take a lad who was the son of one of the permanent staff on our Duke of Edinburghs Gold expedition. (Unusual to take a civvy with us). I met him in the cookhouse in Tidworth, he had joined the RMP's but can't remember his name.
Also met Jim MacGregor (R.Sigs) (C Coy) in Hounslow. They had just had twin boys when he was posted off to Bahrain or somewhere like that.
Oops, I am sure that the film on the cinema at the end of term was always 'Bridge on the River Kwai'.

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