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Sandbag Reminiscences of Tom Place Sandbag
Marching, Drill And More Marching
I served in Tonfanau from 7th January 1963 to December 1964. I remember arriving at Tonfanau by train (which I'm sure most did) and being ambled to the top of the camp where 'R' Company was located. We were then informed that we would be in Recruit Company for the next three months. Didn't know any different then but I found out later that the last recruits only did half a term where we were having to do a whole term. What with having one of the worst storms that decade it didn't make for a nice stay. Our troop Sergeant I remember was an R.M.P. but don't remember his name. It's a bit vague really the time spent in 'R' Company as all we did is marching, drill and more marching. Remember going to the MRS for all the jabs in one go.
Then Easter holidays came round and we all put on the different trains depending where you lived in Great Britain.
Now I was a real soldier as I was no longer a recruit and I belonged to 'D' Company. The Troop I went to was 'Minden' and one of the adult Sergeants was named Ward. He was in the Intelligence Corps. I do remember that the troop was the boxing troop for the Regiment.
I can confirm that the Ugandan refugees where billeted there as I had a weeks holiday in the area some years back and went for a nostalgic trip to Tonfanau to have a look around. Just over the railway line by the station was/is a farm and I spoke to the occupant. After I had said who I was his words were "O you were one of those noisy lot" which he then said "at least you were not as dirty as that other lot that was in there." I was wondering if he got it mixed up!!

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