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Sandbag Reminiscences of David Kennedy Sandbag
In At The Death
I joined the AAJLR with the Easter intake of 1964. After leaving R Company I became a member of Waterloo platoon, 'D' Company, where I remained until the regiment was downsized around Christmas 1965, as a lead up to eventual closure. I was then transferred to 'A' Company, but I am not sure of the platoon. Minden rings a feint bell. I left at Easter 1966.
I am unable to recall a great deal from my time at Tonfanau, but when I have had occasion to think about those days I have always felt a sense of pride and I am sure that I was happy there. I remember a couple of occasions when we 'volunteered' to pick potatoes for a local farmer for a 'few bob'. That was back breaking work and I was still picking the potatoes in my dreams at night.
I also remember the coke burning stoves in the barrack rooms and that in winter we used to remove the firebricks, thereby increasing the stove's capacity and heat output from the red hot sides. An unfortunate side effect was that the cast iron sometimes cracked.

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