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Sandbag Reminiscences of Peter Hutchinson Sandbag
I Think I Enjoyed It!
Over 44 years ago I detrained at Tonfanau Halt with the first batch of boy's on the 5th May 1959. About 60 boy's arrived on that first train, half were infanteers and were posted into Waterloo Platoon, the other half were tankies who were posted into Balaclava Platoon.
Waterloo Platoon was met by the Platoon Sergeant Hopkins (Royal West Kents). He then transported us by TCV [Troop Carrying Vehicle] to the wooden huts at the top of the camp which were to become the recruits accommodation. Waterloo Platoon moved into Hut 29. The Platoon Comander was Leiut R.J. MacLagan (Gordon Highlanders) [Bob].
I have a number of Platoon photo's, Regimental Rugby team, Regimental Boxing Squad, etc. that I shall dig out and try to put names to.
I think I enjoyed my Tonfanau expirence because I stayed in uniform for 38 year and 253 days before taking early retirement in December 1997.

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