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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Chris Honey Sandbag
What a treat! Eccles Cakes
I was stationed at Tonfanau on the 7th. January 1963 having travelled from Cornwall on a bitterly cold night as it was not possible to get there in one day. I was 15 years old. Everything froze up due to the bitter weather but we still had fire drill in the middle of the night, greatcoats and pumps over the jim-jams.
I was there until 1965 and did the hikes over Cader many times as well as the Rhyl cup. Having spent the usual 3 months in 'R' company with Sgt's Gracie and Finlay I was transferred to Alamein troop. Times were good but then we didn't know any different. Pay was good as we were able to go to the jock club and buy eccles cakes. What a treat!

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