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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Peter Hollidge Sandbag
Before The AAJLR
I was stationed in Tonfanau from either late 1947 or early 1948 until about September of 1949. It was of course still an Ack Ack Gunnery Range then. In addition to the 3.7" Guns there was also a RADAR Battery at which I was an instructor on the SCR 584. I have very fond memories of my time there I remember it as being BLEAK, Rugged but Beautiful, Snowdon in the distance on a clear day. We played cricket on a pitch which I believe was west of the railway line, if you hit a six the ball could end up on the beach below. Our battery had been in Oswestry prior to its relocation to Tonfanau. At my age the memory dims a little I can only remember one name from my time there, Lt. Knotman.
I met my then future wife in Tonfanau, she was looking after the Battery commander's children, he had me posted away to the Isle of Wight but it obviously didn't work, we married in 1950 and have remained so for 53 years. We emigrated to Canada in 1954 and still live in Toronto. We have never returned to Tonfanau but are thinking about it for sometime this year (actually September, it's when we met at the Cinema).
Thanks for allowing me to sit on your sandbag.

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