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Sandbag Reminiscences of Ken Hart Sandbag
Arms Up - Splat!
September 1959 - I can remember arriving at the railways station with what I thought at the time were millions of other lost souls and being herded up through the bottom gate and taken to some buildings near the top left of the camp which was then (and may always have been) 'R' Company. At least we had a gentle sergeant (who's name for the life of me I can't remember) and an officer whose name I believe was Captain Philips. (How come I can remember his name but not the name of the sergeant who taught me everything I know - like how to iron my clothes, polish my boots and Blanco my gear - not forgetting how to march up and down, in quick and slow time - hahahahaha) I can't even remember whether basic training took 6 or 10 weeks - I just know that it seemed like a lifetime. I do remember that we won best troop at the pass-out parade.
I remember the MRS and making more than one visit there, not just for the jabs but for a regular delousing session where we were all lined up (naked of course) and covered in DDT powder. (Arms up - splat - lift that up - splat - lift them up - splat - bend over - splat). I'm sure that's how Matron got her jollies.... hahahahahaha. My god, I even remember someone in the line having his penis rapped with a ruler because he was 'out of control' - Oh happy days eh!
My memory must be worse than I thought because I can't even remember what Company or Troup I was in. Although 'D' Company and 'Minden' ring a bell.
????? I am told by better memories than mine that I was in Alamein, C Company ?????
I do remember that as a hobby I did small bore shooting.
I went back to Tonfanau once, only to find the camp totally flattened and looking a right mess. The Bailey bridge had been left to rot and was closed to traffic. Also I wonder what happened to all those stones I spent many an 'happy' hour painting?

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