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Sandbag Reminiscences of Peter J. Foster Sandbag
Cold And Windy
I left the AAJLR 1965 having been in Normandy Platoon 'C' Company . It did get f***ing cold and windy at Tonfanau, didn't it?
I remember Major Appleton who originally was a boy soldier I believe and WO Farr a 'keen' PTI. I also remember Cpl Fagg the person that we all avoided. He was the Regimental Policeman.
One of the lads I remember in 'C' Company is J/Sig Colin (Taff) Davis (Davies?) who was posted to Catterick after graduation.
I can't remember the Colonels name, but I do recall 'borrowing' some holly from his garden, on the hill, to decorate the billet just before Xmas leave and where we obtained the Xmas tree is another story and that's when I discovered bayonets to be a useless cutting tool. I have no idea why the gentle giant Sgt Rednap (RA) did not believe we had bought the tree from Towyn.

Second Letter:
I've just read the reminiscences of Paul Treen and low and behold, he remembers the Regimental Beagles and Major Appleton - A true gentleman, who I think came through the ranks. I wonder what became of him, does anyone know? I felt a complete pillock in my hunting gear, but what a skive! I was given the honour(?) of being given the title of 1st Whipper-in. I don't think the hounds caught more than about two hares during my time with the Regiment, but that's not surprising as they were rejects from other Packs. They were extremely friendly, more like pets than hunters. There was more bark in Cpl. Fagg than all of the hounds put together. My ultimate claim to fame was to take part in the Cardiff Tattoo with the Beagle Pack and we were billeted in the Welsh Guards Sergeants Mess for the week.

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