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Sandbag Reminiscences of Terry Doyle Sandbag
What A Shock
I remember it vividly. My journey on 6th May 1959 to AAJLR Tonfanau from Stamford Lincs, across country and across Birmingham. Meeting up with other potential soldiers on their way to Wales. What a shock when I got there!!
I was in Waterloo Platoon D Company and I still remember the Company Staff. Major West, Irish something or others, Capt Hunt RA and CSM Sanderson. My Platoon Commander was Lt MacLagan, Camerons a real p*ss artist and my Platoon Sergeants were Sergeant Short (RWF) and Sergeant Hopkins (Buffs). I enjoyed the education and the outward bound (every second Friday). Navigation was a complete mystery to me until a Lt. Beckinsdale (now sadly deceased) sat my group down somewhere near Cader Idris and conducted a long and totally absorbing lesson on how not to get lost.
After leaving Tonfanau in the summer of 1961 I joined the 2nd Bn East Anglian Regiment which in turn became the 2nd Bn Royal Anglian Regt., served in Bury St. Edmunds (training), Cyprus, Bury St Edmunds (PTI) then Shorncliffe, Junior Infantry Bn (PTI). I then left the Army in 1971 and worked for the Post Office (Counter and then Investigations) and after 3 years joined the Civil Service as an Instructional Officer (PT) at Shorncliffe, Junior Infantry Battalion. When JIB closed in 1991 I was offered a job as the Garrison Swimming Pool Manager at Dreghorn Barracks Edinburgh where I currently work, I retire in Jan 04 to hopefully a life of relative luxury. My relationship with the Army will not be broken however since my son is at present a Captain in the Royal Engineers at the National Search Centre Chattenden, Kent.

Reading Dave Wakelam's episode of the evening meal, reminds me of the absolutely fabulous 'supper' meals we had at the expense of AAJLR. After about three terms we 'Senior Junior Leaders' were allowed to hang around in the cookhouse for a short time. Collecting extra bread, jam and marge, we would retire to our huts and at around 2130hrs get out the wire coat hangers, bring the stoves up to red hot and finish the day with toasted jam sarnies. What a way to live.

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