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Sandbag Reminiscences of Andy Dewar Sandbag
Late Again
One of the memories that I have of AAJLR days is when I first arrived at the camp (I and two others had been sent to the Junior Signals Regiment base down Devon/Dorset way, can't remember the name of the place, we were there for a couple of days so we arrived at Tonfanau after everyone else). I was also older than most of the recruits at that time (over 17), so was dressed a little older (i.e. not school uniform). I had been earning over £200 a week working on the Forth Road Bridge and had the best of suits etc. In fact the fashion that was in at the time was 'Maverick' suits and ties with cowboy boots. Anyway when we reported to the guard room the Duty Sgt. took one look at me, Jumped up out of his seat and tried to salute and fell over, which sent us into a fit of hysterics, (Not the best way to start an army career) seemingly they were not expecting us but an officer was due to arrive that day. I was ever so glad when that Sgt. got posted out about 6 months later as he gave us hell after that.
Anyway if you remember after the six weeks of recruit training we were allowed back into civvies and let out for the night. Unfortunately I had grown and put on muscle quite a bit and all my lovely, very expensive clothes were too small for me. But I still just managed to squeeze into some clothes (had to borrow an ordinary tie) and we headed off to Barmouth for the night. My Parents had come down to see me passout of 'R' company so my Dad ran four of us to Barmouth. So there we were in a strange town on a Saturday night with nothing to do, so of course the first place we headed for was the nearest public bar. Boy were those Welch pubs dreary in them days!!!! Anyway we downed as much beer as we could afford and went in search of some women. Boy were those Welch women dreary in them days!!!!!!! and they were conspicuous with their absence mostly. So it was back to the pub to spend the rest of our money, then back in the car to the camp. Unfortunately we were under-age, unused to drink (the Welch beer took some getting used to anyway), so needless to say we were all sick as pigs on the way back, my Dad had to stop every couple of miles along the road to let one of us puke up. Consequently we were late getting back and got into a lot of trouble for that, (Not the best way to continue an army career).

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