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Sandbag Reminiscences of John P. Cook Sandbag
Close Call On Cader
I was at Tonfanau from 4th. May 1964 to late 65. I was going into the RMP but wore the cap badge of the General Service Corps. I think that I was with 'A' Company. I was a member of the canoe team and traveled around doing races, on our days off we used to canoe to Barmouth.
I was also up Cader Idris when one of the boys nearly lost his life, he put his foot on some snow, and slid down several hundred feet hitting rocks on the way, when he came to rest we thought that he was dead, it took a long time to rescue him as we had to cut foot holes in the snow, the ambulance came as close as it could and the doctor gave him morphine injection and he was stretchered away to make a full recovery.
I went onto the Veterinary Corps for dog training for the RMP but failed because I was too soft with the dogs, and was moved to the horses. From there I transferred to The Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery where I served until 1972.

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