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Sandbag Reminiscences of Mick (Jock) Clazie Sandbag
A Survivor Of Omdurman
I was a Junior Leader Royal Artillery. I went to Tonfanau on or about the 12th of May 1959, and left for Manorbier in 1962 to become a 4mk 7/3 radar operator. I served for many years with 12th LAD Regt. then finished up in 36.Hvy. Msl. Regt. till the mid 70s.
I was a member of the Corps of Drum's at Tonfanau. I have fond memories of a permanent staff Sgt. Don Potter who was also a drill and band instructor. He was also in 12 Regt. I wonder if he still survives. I was a member of Omdurman troop my troop captain was a Capt. Murray-Flutter a very fine officer in my book. I remember working as a projectionist in the AKC cinema.
A few year's ago I was touring Wales in my motor home and visited the old camp and on that visit it was being pulled down but the old AKC was still standing. I remember R.S.M. F. Hitch he was another good soldier. Maybe because we were kids they all seemed decent types. It is so long ago my memory lets me down. I still have a Tonfanau booklet with a photo of RSM Hitch and a write up on his great grandfather at Rorke's drift in 1879. I went to Singapore and met him outside the Britannia club around 1965 he was an officer then but still remembered me and my pal who was with me Dennis Thornton; we met each other in May 1959 and still keep in touch. My hobby is militaria, I mainly collect medals but deal in all sorts. On a trip last summer in my motor home I picked up some good German stuff pretty cheap in Poland and last month I got a good complete German WW2 gas mask. Well I'll close for now hope to hear of any info to bring back memories.

OK, I admit it. I was a member of the troop that was probably meant to be forgotten, OMDURMAN! I joined it in May 1959 and remember that there were a handful of quite wild boys in it. I cannot remember all the details although I do remember quite a few of the troop going over the wall one night, I being one of them. I don't think that was my idea but like a few others I was told that 'we' were all going so I went, knowing that I would never make it home as I come from the Scottish border's and was a 2 day train journey away. I was actualy glad to be picked up and returned to camp. There was no room in the guard room as so many were involved so they put the not so bad one's on open arrest: I being one of them. There were many incident's and a lot of bullying went on although I was quite lucky as I was not bullied too much even though I wore glasses which was a setback in those day's. To start with I was a happy go lucky type from a decent background and had been an army cadet and done the Duke of Edinburgh's scheme previous to enlisting so I had a fair idea of surviving. I think the last straw came when two rebel's went out and set fire to the gymnasium. I can't remember which month that was but I do remember the two main culprit's but prefer not to name names. Many of the boys from Omdurman were thrown out and the rest dispersed to other troop's. And the Omdurman name sank from the records without so much as a ripple.

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