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Pull Up A Sandbag
Sandbag Reminiscences of Carl Chandler Sandbag
Running Myself Out
I arrived at Tonfanau sometime in 1960 but can't remember exactly when but do remember going into 'R' Company under the guidance of S/Sgt. Williams (RMP) and Sgt. Faulkner (RASC) who were overseen by Capt. Fisher (R.Sigs.). I never could understand how you could always see daylight between Sgt. Faulkner's boot soles and the ground!
From there I went into Gallipoli Platoon 'B' Company as a J/Sig. under the watchful eye of Sgt. Tom Silverside (Buffs I think) with CSM Osgathorpe (of the black cane) regularly making his presence felt. I became a regimental runner (mile and cross country) and seem to remember the two officers involved with the training were Lt's. Ffrench (I'm sure there were two effs - RASC?) and Zala. I have vivid memories of battling along the sand dunes from camp to Towyn and galloping back along the beach to the strains of "Through the puddles chaps" from Mr. Ffrench (the tide having just gone out.) I also remember us going to HMS Indefatigable, a boys stone frigate on the Menai Straits, for an athletics competition and being totally dismayed to see they didn't march, they RAN everywhere. Unfortunately running was my downfall as it resulted in a medical discharge whilst still at Tonfanau.
Of the boys I served with whose names I can recall were J/CSM Barnes 'B' Company an exceptionally good boxer; J/Sgt. Geoff Boylan (Kings), Gallipoli Platoon. J/Sgt; J/Sig. Bob Wilson Gallipoli Platoon and a member of the Corps of Drums and J/L/Cpl LeGonidec (I'm sure I've got the spelling wrong and apologise if he reads this) who, along with myself, were the first in our intake to gain promotion.
Other names that have come to mind whilst typing are:-
Col. T(?) Lash - Camp Commandant.
Major Playfoot - Education Wing.
RSM Slater (Welch Fusiliers)
Sgt. 'Topper' Brown (Unkown Regiment but had a yellow hackle)

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